PhoenixMiner 5.1c выпущен как версия, решающая ошибки 4 ГБ видеокарт в Windows 10. Скачать и настроить программу поможет эта статья
Залили бета версию


The new features in this release are:

Added native kernels for AMD RX6700 GPUs. These are faster than the generic kernels and produce a lot less stale shares
Increase the max supported DAG epoch to 550 (should be enough to about Jan 2023)
Full support for setting clocks, fan speeds, voltages, and memory timings of AMD RX6900/6800/6700 cards
The specific hashrate is now shown in the form of kilo hashes per joule (kH/J). Example: if a GPU has hashrate of 30 MH/s with 100W power usage, the specific hashrate is 300 kH/J
Added new command-line parameters -ttj and -ttmem, allowing automatic fan speed control based on GPU hotspot (junction), and memory temperatures respectively. Example: -ttmem 83 will keep the GPU memory temperature at or bellow 83C by increasing the fan speed as necessary. These parameters can be combined with -tt, as well as with each other. These options are supported only on AMD GPUs that report junction and memory temperatures
Added new command-line parameters -tmaxj and -tmaxmem, allowing to decrease the GPU usage when the GPU hotspot (junction), or GPU memory temperatures are above the specified thresholds. These options are supported only on AMD GPUs that report junction and memory temperatures
Added support for AMD Windows drivers 21.3.2, and 21.3.1
Added support for AMD Linux drivers 20.50.x. Use this drivers only if you have Polaris or older GPUs, or the latest RX6x000 GPUs. WARNING: Vega, Radeon VII, and Navi GPUs won't work with these drivers!
Turn off the zero fan feature on AMD cards whenever a fixed fan speed is used (e.g. -tt -40), or when an auto fan with min fan speed is used (e.g. -tt 63 -minfan 35). To disable this feature, add -fanstop 1 command-line parameter
When -mcdag 1 is specified under Linux, the miner will not wait for the script to finish before starting to generate the DAGs. Instead it will for a fixed 7 seconds. This allows you to do all the following in the turn off the overclocking of Nvidia GPUs, sleep for 30-60 seconds to allow time for DAG generation, and then re-apply the overclocking of the Nvidia GPUs
Other small improvements and fixes

The support for -ttj, -ttmem, -tmaxj, and -tmaxmem for Nvidia 3090 and 3080 GPUs is not yet ready for release. We hope to have it ready for the final 5.6 release.